Service Portal

Why is my warranty status is under "pending additional info required"? This status indicate that your claim has been reviewed and we are missing information from you. Our team will leave you a note telling you which information we need from you. Additional information can be re-submitted by editing your original claim.
Why is my warranty status is under "claim under review"? This status indicate that your claim is now in a queue waiting for one of our team member to review.
Where can I track my shipment? Product for order and warranty claim can be track by login in your account. If the status of your claim is completed/shipped the tracking number will be available.
Can I modify my claim after the claim was already submitted. We recommend not editing your claim unless our department ask you for more details.

Online Orders

Can I purchase a part directly from your office ? No all purchase must be done over the phone or using our website.
How long does it take to ship my order? The order process takes up to 48 hours after your order submission. This doesn’t include the shipping time which is usually between 3 to 5 business days.
Can I get overnight or express shipping? Yes, However the shipping cost will be higher. Please call our call center if you wish to have your order ship express.
I order the wrong part, can I get a refund? Yes, However Bestway will only refund the cost of the item and not the shipping cost. Please contact our call center if you order the wrong part.

Warranty Claims

How long is the warranty process? The warranty process takes up to 72 hours after your claim submission. This doesn’t include the shipping time which is usually between 3 to 5 business days.
Where can I find my warranty ID number? You can find the warranty ID inside the website portal under your account details.
I cannot find my receipt? The receipt is really important in order for us to approve your warranty claim. If the receipt was lost please call the store you purchase the product from and ask for a duplicate receipt.
Can I get a refund instead of a replacement part? Bestway do not give any refunds. We will replace defective part as long as you are under warranty.
Am I under warranty? Pool warranty: 30 days on accessories, 90 days on liner, 365 days on filter pump
Spa warranty: 30 days on accessories , 180 Days on the liner, 365 days on the heater/pump.
For Boat and Paddle board the warranty might vary depending of the product you have. Please check you manual for reference.
How do I submit my claim? Visit service.bestwaycorp.us/warranty and follow the instruction.